Privacy Policy

The following document is the official Privacy Policy of A Business Intelligence Despite being a news website, we pay keen attention to data we collect, manage and share so that our readers can stay confident about their own privacy and security. Our readers are requested to go through the Privacy Policy document to clear all their doubts regarding data collection and usage.

Data Collection
A Business Intelligence may collect two major types of data when a user interacts with the website. Out of these, non-personally identifiable information and personally-identifiable information are the most important ones. We provide the best form of security for all this data, making sure that your privacy is not compromised. We do also believe in a strong form of ethics that stand for user-privacy protection.

Personally Identifiable Information
A Business Intelligence does not collect personally-identifiable information without the proper consent from the user. It means that we collect the information when you provide them with proper consent. For instance, you may be asked to provide such information — including your name, email address etc. — while interacting with a few website elements. If you want to place a comment on a news article, you may be requested to provide your email and name, as the basic identification method.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information
As a part of the routine functioning, A Business Intelligence also collects some information that cannot be linked to an individual. It includes the time being spent on the website, information from Internet Service Provider and the geographical information of the user. It needs to be noted that this information is not user-specific, but are used for the general analysis purposes. Despite the inability to be connected to a person, this information may be shared with our partners for analysis and other purposes.

Use of Cookies
Although A Business Intelligence does not use tracking cookies in the website, normal cookies are used to enhance the user-experience with the website. The user has complete control over whether he/she wants to store web cookies on the device. You can disable cookies if you do not want this feature, but some site features may be disabled while doing this.

IP Logging
In addition to this, A Business Intelligence logs the IP address of our visitors as a part of the security purposes. This data may be shared with the legal authorities when demanded.

A Business Intelligence reserves the right to make further changes to the privacy policy document without direct intimation with the user. Users are requested to keep visiting the page to understand the changes.