NASA InSights Lander is Still Not Digging Martian Surface

NASA InSights Lander is Still Not Digging Martian Surface


NASA’s InSights Lander is stationary on the Martian surface performing the critical mission of digging the surface. But on 28th February, it dug nearly one-fourth of the required amount and stopped intermittently due to the obstacles inside the surface. After the issue arose, scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory analyzed the situation and commanded the rover to start digging again on 2nd March. But the efforts are gone into the vein, as “Mole” the digging equipment is not making any progress in the process.

NASA’s $860-million rover is roaming the Martian surface to collect the data about the planet. The  Heat and Physical Properties Package or HP3 as scientists prefer to call it is at the 15-degrees angle and showing no progress in digging the surface. According to the scientists, the digging equipment is facing some obstacle, maybe a big rock underneath. That’s why the scientists in charge of this mission are pausing this mission momentarily to analyze the situation and plan a perfect strategy for the rover. Principal manager of HP3 Module shared this information in a blog post today.

There is no problem with NASA’s InSights lander of the HP3 module as it tried to insert the “Mole” into the surface to record temperatures inside the surface. In the first attempt on 28th February, the module dug nearly one-fourth and stopped due to the external obstacle. The module is designed to dig through the hard rocks, but scientists don’t want to take any chance as the rover would be in irreparable condition if something goes wrong. As everything on the rover is in excellent conditions, the scientists will perform heating tests to understand the thermal connectivity of the upper surface, NASA JPL Said in a Statement. Also, the radiometer will collect the data of Solar eclipse on Mars as the Phobos would block the sun to reduce the temperature around the rover.

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