Apple to Fix iPhone with Third-party Batteries

Apple to Fix iPhone with Third-party Batteries


Apple has changed its policy of servicing the iPhone devices as the company is allowing the iPhones with third-party battery to receive servicing. The company will allow the users of the iPhone to claim for servicing at the official service center, even if they’ve swapped the original battery with third-party modules. The policy change happened on February 28th and permitted the service executives to fix battery-related problems with the iPhones even if the owners swapped the original battery. Before this policy update, swapping original battery by yourselves or from third-party technician would result in void warranty.

This is not the first time when Apple loosened the device repair policy. Back in 2017, Apple started repairing the devices with third-party displays without voiding the warranty. According to the popular news website MacRumors and the reliable sources, Apple will fix any battery related issue with the iPhone if users have swapped the batteries. The policy will only apply for the battery related issues and nothing else. The company will replace the battery if the device is still in the warranty period provided by Apple. Although, Apple executives can refuse if the damage to the battery is out of the scope for repairing.

Apple iPhones always face issues with battery performance over time. That’s why the company has launched a scheme where they replace the old and degraded batteries for only $29, and in case of high-end devices, the price goes up to $65/-. As the degraded battery affects the device performance, users often replace them with the third-party models to get an immediate boost in the performance and battery backup. Apple has already replaced the batteries in more than 11 million iPhone devices over the last few months. When Media personnel tried to reach to Apple, they did not respond on this Policy change on Replacing the battery in the iPhones.

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